Lawn Maintenance
Lawn Maintenance:

Power Raking - Removes thatch and debris from you lawn, allowing water, nutrition,
and sunlight to be uniformly absorbed and distributed.  (Recommended once a year)

Aeration - This is done by pulling plugs out of the soil which is left to dissolve back into
your lawn.  This helps to control and prevent water run-offs, also allowing water and
nutrition to get to the roots.  (Recommended twice a year)

Fertilization - Delivers the proper nutriton to the lawn, helping to build and loosen
soils, also helps to prevent and control some diseases.  (Recommended three times a

Watering - Water every other day, in the morning time or late afternoon 15 to 20
minutes each zone is the most efficient way of watering your lawn.  Make sure as you
are watering your lawn that the roots are moist.  Adjust water time to achieve maxium

Mowing - Weekly mowing is recommended, but depending on the type of grass it might
be 2-3 time a week.  Mowing allows the sun to penetrate to throught the blade of grass.  
No more than a 1/3 of the grass blade should be cut.